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Portrait Process

John McCabe

Process of the Portrait

The sitting begins with a chat and exchange of views on how the portrait should look. We will then try out various poses to determine the best choice for the portrait. This is followed by a sketch or sketches in charcoal and/or pencil. Reference photos will be taken for future use under several different lighting conditions, poses and settings. The best images are assembled to determine the most appropriate composition. This step cuts down on the otherwise potentially long sitting times required for a portrait, and is particularly valuable in the case of children. The client should expect an oil portrait to be a more dynamic, more expressive view of the sitter.

We then confer to select the final pose and composition, make other aesthetic decisions, and review preliminary renderings. Having a portrait painted is a special event and the participation of the sitter/client in the process of the portrait is essential to its success.

A second session follows the first and is held some days or weeks later to assess the progress of the painting and continue work to achieve the goals of the portrait. Adjustments will be made at this stage and refinements to color and expression enhance the progress of the portrait. A third and perhaps additional sittings, if necessary, will be held to finish the portrait.

One third of the cost of the portrait is paid upon signing of a letter agreement, provided by the artist, setting forth the mutual expectations for the process and portrait, and the balance is due at the time of delivery.

Head and shoulders          Oil/Canvas          $2,900
Half length with hands (36" x 30")          Oil/Canvas          $4,500
Full Length          Oil/Canvas          $6,000

Framing and travel expenses are generally not included in the above quote. A fully detailed background and/or additional figures in the portrait may increase the quote.

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